Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Moving to France 5, plus a bit of stitching

All the cleaning, decluttering, packing and trying to get the place looking reasonable has meant that any serious workhas been out of the question. All the decluttering and packing has meant everything being "relocated" to my workroom so a) I have nowhere to work and b) I can't find anything.

My workroom is the one room left to be decluttered - so after our fortnight in France househunting, (we're off this Saturday), I shall be diving in there. I think rationalising rather than decluttering is probably a better description, because I really can't bear the thought of throwing anything out - it has taken me several years to gather my stash together!

So I am afraid the City and Guilds has taken rather a back seat for the past few weeks, but I am hoping to have a few weeks between getting back from France and moving to finish my current module.

But I have been doing a bit of stitching.

Firstly, a blackwork cushion, which is to enter in the village show in July (if I am still here). It is a very traditional show, so as you can enter two items in each class, I am trying to enter something traditional and something more creative to see what happens.

Secondly, we have been doing trapunto at my patchwork class. This might go in the village show as well!

So, no more blogging for a couple of weeks. We are off to France on Saturday (DH has booked us on the 3.29am shuttle - good grief), and will be spending all next week looking at houses, some of which look like real possibilities. So I am hopeful!!

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Jan said...

good luck on the house hunting, hope to see you back soon