Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Autumn colours

It's such a long time since I blogged, I've completely forgotten how to do things - so here goes.

A couple of weeks ago Tony and I went to Sheffield Park, a National Trust property, famed for it's autumn colours. It was a beautiful sunny but cold Tuesday. We thought there wouldn't be many people there ( we are new to this retired stuff), but it was heaving!

The colours were absolutely amazing, probably close to their best.

Just couldn't resist taking lots of pictures, especially going right into the trees and catching the sun. I picked up some leaves, but they loose their colours.

In complete contrast, a few days later I took the next few pictures in our garden after a frost.

The last few days its never really got light - grey and rainy - very depressing.

I've been to several workshops in the last few weeks, first one in the next blog.