Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Moving to France 2

Here's Gus. Put a box on the floor and he'll be in it in seconds - put a box on the floor in front of the fire and he won't move for hours!

He's nearly ready to go move to France. He's been chipped and he's had his rabies injection. He needs a blood test in a couple of weeks to make sure its taken, and then he can go. Taking him to the vets is a nightmare - he hates going in the car, but interestingly he doesn't make anything like as much fuss on the way home. I think he knows where he's going - the vet always does something nasty to him.
Details of houses have started to arrive, some look really interesting, and we're hoping to go over at the end of March / beginning of April to have a look.


Blue is my colour said...

Sheila, You have been busy recently. What an exciting time you will have mulling over houses for sale. Look forwrd to hearing more. Lesley

Celia said...

Beautiful puss!