Sunday, 7 January 2007

Collograph 2

At last, I have been able to get back to doing things. Christmas preparations took over needless to say, and then I got a tummy bug, which I took ages to get over.
So, here is the completed collograph, everything stuck down and varnished and ready to print. I made each of the elements separately, and stuck them down using double-sided tape. I just used the varnish my husband had in the garage - it was a quick drying satin varnish, but I don't think it's critical!
I found making the collograph quite difficult. Everything has to be level or it won't print properly, but I found different papers can make a big difference.
Firstly I tried ordinary copy paper, I laid the collograph on the paper and then used a roller. The result was OK, but it didn't make the most of the texture. Then I tried laying the paper on the collograph, but it moved about too much, and you get a double image.
Then I tried some handmade papers, which are much softer. I laid the paper on top of the collograph and used my fingers and the side of my hand to press down. You can really get the paper down into the textures and I was really quite pleased with the results. I also tried it with tissue paper and that also works really well.
The first below is the handmade paper, and the second is the tissue paper, which I crumpled up before I made the print.
So I have to pack everything up now and send it off to my tutor. I hate packing my work up and putting it in the post. I'm always so relieved when it arrives. It takes me long enough to do the work in the first place, let alone having to redo it because its been lost in transit!!


Purple Missus said...

I do like these collagraph prints. The fact that I'm really into black & white at the moment helps! Let us know what your tutor thinks of your work.

Helen Suzanne said...

very intereseting work and great that you're showing your processes as you go through them.